At SoCal Wine Tours, we are proud to offer a wide range of wine tours for our clients to choose from, and each includes tailored offerings. Our VIP and cave tours are among our most popular options, and they’ll both give you a chance to see more than just the bottom of a wine glass. Here’s what you need to know about these two exciting tours to help you decide which one makes the most sense for your group. 

The Cave Tour 

Our exciting cave tour takes you behind the scenes and into the caves at the Oak Mountain Winery. While visiting, you and your group will have a dedicated wine guide to take you on a 90-minute tour of the caves. In addition, you’ll get to taste six wines from the winery, as well as a delicious selection of charcuterie and cheese to complement the wines. 

Before you get to all of that, though, you’ll start your trip with a complimentary glass of champagne from the Wilson Creek winery. After that, you’ll visit the Lorenzi Estates to taste eight estate reserve and library wines. Your wine guide will then take you to either the Falkner Winery or Monte De Oro Winery, depending on the day of the week. 

Finally, you’ll wrap up your tour at the Oak Mountain Winery for the tasting and cave tour. The entire tour takes a bit over five hours and costs $175 per person. 

The VIP Tour 

The VIP tour includes the cave tour at the Oak Mountain Winery, as well as additional stops and tours. You’ll start your day with a complimentary glass of Wilson Creek champagne when we pick you up, followed by a production tour at the Falkner Winery. This will give you the chance to learn all about how the vintners create their incredible wines. You’ll get to taste eight of them during your tour! 

Next, you’ll move on to tastings at Lorenzi Estates and the Baily Winery, two of the region’s top-rated wineries. Between the two stops, you’ll get to taste 14 wines, and you’ll also get a souvenir glass to take home with you. The tour ends with six tastings, charcuterie and cheese, and the cave tour, as discussed in the previous section. 

This tour spans more than six hours, making this a great option for a day trip. It costs $225 per person. 

Choosing Your Tour 

Both of these tours give you the opportunity to learn more about the wine-making process, rather than just the wines themselves. If you truly love wine and want to know more about how it is made, both of these tours will satisfy your thirst for knowledge, and for wine! To get the full picture of how the process works, though, you’ll want to go with the VIP tour, as it provides the additional production tour with your wine guide. For casual wine drinkers, the cave tour will give you greater detail than you would get with a standard wine tasting tour, but at a more affordable price than the VIP option. 

Our team would be happy to help you plan your trip, so reach out to us today to learn more about these and the many other wine tours we offer. Spots fill up fast during peak travel seasons, so call now to secure your tour appointment on your preferred date.

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