The wine industry is changing. Alcohol consumption is decreasing as concerns of health and wellness take over the nation. Drinkers young and old are truly starting to follow the “everything in moderation” mantra when it comes to alcohol. Also, technology is making a difference in how people consume wine.

As a local winery or wine tour company, what can you do to stay relevant in a changing industry? At Moses Wine Tours, we’ve adapted to some of these trends and have seen an increase in our business. Let’s take a look.

Vegan Wines

This is now a thing. As consumers have a growing demand for plant-based options, the food and drink industry has had to respond. This includes the wine industry and we at Moses Wine Tours have followed suit. When scheduling tours, we include local wineries that have vegan-friendly options.

With more demand, wineries are changing the fining agents in the final bottling process, using vegan-friendly fining agents instead of animal protein-based agents. Vegans have responded by drinking more wine as other alcohol choices are not as vegan-friendly.

Organic Wines

As with vegan options, people are looking out for themselves and the environment. They want to see responsible wine growers using environmentally friendly methods to produce their wine. We include wineries with organic options on our tours. We are environmentally conscious ourselves and understand the impact that the production of a product can have on nature.

Technology Use in the Wine World

Like all other industries, technology has affected the wine industry as well. Wineries have gone social and are gathering a following. Consumers can recommend wineries, wine tours, bottlings, and restaurants to their friends and family. We’ve noticed an increase in our Facebook activity in the recent past, as people recommend Moses Wine Tours to their friends.

Another technological aspect of the wine industry is delivery service. We’ve seen pizzas delivered, now we see wine being delivered. Delivery services such as Deliveroo have been adding wineries to their apps, and Uber has taken to driving people home after their winery experiences. We strongly suggest a ride home from one of these services after a tour with Moses Wine Tours. It’s always better to be safe.

Destination Wineries

Tourism in the wine industry has been steadily increasing, but not in tasting rooms as would be expected. People are now looking for an ‘experience,’ not just a taste of wine.

Winery restaurants are opening. Wine-and-food-pairing sessions are being offered and yoga in a vineyard is becoming the latest way to stay in shape. Any winery that can come up with their own unique offering will excel in the future.

At Moses Wine Tours, we have mastered this trend, offering unique wine tours throughout Temecula Valley. We have turned the wine tour into an experience like none other, offering a variety of different tours at local wineries with tastings, cave tours, brewery visits, and birthday celebrations.

With the wine world taking on new trends, local wineries are going to have to jump on board to keep up with the big box retailers. These new trends may very possibly be around for a while, but it’s always best to keep an eye open for what is coming up next.

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