At Moses Wine Tours, we make it easy to host a classy but laid-back wine tour that’s perfect for an upcoming bridal party. We are the best-rated wine tasting tour since 2015, and our Bridal Shower Tours are our most popular offering. Here’s why we think you should celebrate your best friend’s upcoming wedding and your mutual love of wine. 

A Wine-Soaked Adventure to Remember

Doesn’t your bride-to-be bestie deserve better than those tired old bridal shower games? Why not put a boozy twist on traditions and book a wine tasting tour instead? You’ll have so much fun toasting her milestone while treating all your friends to a true sommelier experience. We take care of transportation and selection so you can taste the best that Temecula Valley has to offer. By the end of your tour, you’ll all be swirling, sniffing and sipping like true oenophiles!

We Pick the Perfect Locations

Sure, it’s fun to sit in a fancy restaurant and sip wine all day, but Moses Wine Tours is more intimate, more interactive, more fun, and a whole lot more affordable! We’ll take you to three different wineries so you can enjoy the whole process, from grape to cask…into your glass! And, every one of our bridal tours is private, so your party gets to enjoy the tour guide’s full attention while not having any other groups joining in on your party!

A Personalized Tasting Technique

A traditional wine-tasting setup can be quite a serious affair, with note cards to mark wine characteristics and discussions of various varietals… but at Moses Wine Tours, we prefer a more laid-back approach. Sure, we’ll delve into the characteristics of each blend and the proper ways to sip them, but if you want a more fun, interactive atmosphere, then a Bridal Shower themed wine tour is more adventurous! 

Some of our guests like to try making little games out of the wine tastings by comparing the wines to something unexpected. It’s fun to encourage the guests to compare wine characteristics to movie stars, characters from a TV show or book, coworkers…or even fellow guests and family members! 

Your guide will be teaching everyone some fun facts about the wine, so it’s a great way to learn a lot while also enjoying the experience your way. Everyone will agree that it’s one of the best parts of the bridal party.

The Perfect Variety of Wines

On a private bridal shower wine tour, the Moses Wine Tours staff of sommeliers has paired with different wineries to pick the best wines for each season that showcase only the best Temecula Valley offerings. You’ll be visiting three different wineries and tasting at least 18 different wines, which equate to 3 full glasses of wine during your 5 hour tour. 

Add Lunch to your Tour

Wine has a long history of being perfectly paired with food, and you cannot have a bridal shower without some delicious appetizers. The wineries may sometimes offer small-bites and palate cleansers to complement your tastings, but you may decide to add lunch to your bridal shower wine tour. This affordable upgrade (only $15 per person!) lets you enjoy a fresh and inspired lunch during your tour, so you can continue enjoying perfectly-paired wines with your meal.

Let wine be your theme

With a wine-themed bridal shower, there are lots of little touches you can add to the invitations and the favors. Here are some great ideas to boost your theme: 

• Look for invitations that feature a picture of a wine bottle. 

• Have a cork-counting contest: pack a bunch of corks into a glass jar. The guest who makes the closest guess to the number of corks can be given a fun, wine-related prize such as a cute corkscrew or a bottle of champagne.  

• After the tour, give each bridesmaid a custom-labeled bottle, wine-filled chocolates or another wine-themed gift you know they’ll adore! 

Moses Wine Tours–the Best Rated Wine Tour in Temecula Valley

And for this bridal shower, why would you settle for anything less than the best? For a great wine-soaked adventure with your girlfriends, the dedicated staff at Moses Wine Tours can’t wait to make your bridal party a memorable affair.

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