When visiting the spectacular scenery and incredible architecture dotting the Temecula Valley, stop by Moses Wine Tours for an unforgettable journey. Our tours introduce you to the rich traditions of the region’s winemaking, giving you a five-star experience that only features the most respected establishments. Before each season, Moses Wine Tours observes regional competitions, reviews, and other measures to select which establishments receive the privilege of being part of our tour.

Here, we offer some tips on how to make your wine tasting and tours as enjoyable as possible. These ideas on enhancing your experience cost nothing but can make the events much more enjoyable and also help you get the most out of them. 

Wine Tours

Our all-inclusive wine tours have something for every wine lover. We provide comfortable transport that actually picks you up at your rental or hotel, allowing you to relax and enjoy your wine without worry. Our different transportation options can even hold larger parties. Ask about our add on features, such as bringing your own champagne or scheduling an extra stop.

The wine tour will take you to six of the best wineries in the United States and arrange for three tastings at each stop. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your wine tour experience.

Before You Go

We recommend that you consider the following before leaving on a wine tour.

First, wear dark colors and avoid dangling sleeves. Both of these tips revolve around the issue of spills. Top heavy wine glasses spill easily. Dark colors hide any spills that may fall in your direction while dangling sleeves often serve as the cause of them. 

Also, both men and women should refrain from wearing heavy fragrances or perfumes. Your olfactory senses serve as a vital part of the experience. Perfumes, colognes, and even heavily scented shampoo and body wash can mask important highlights of the wine.

Ask Questions

When attending a wine tasting or tour, make sure to ask questions whenever the urge strikes. Those hosting the event take a lot of pride in what they do and want to make sure that you get the most out of the experience. Make sure to take a small notebook and pen to jot down interesting details.

Embrace the Unfamiliar

All too many people go on a tasting or tour designed to introduce attendees to new wine experiences and only stick to the familiar tried and true. Don’t be that person because you will certainly miss the amazing experience of discovering a new wine for yourself. If you usually prefer dry, still give selections of sweeter wines a try and vice versa. Tasting is all about exposing yourself to something new. You will not regret a deep dive into the unfamiliar.

Ask About the Area

Wine makers and sellers know their area best. They can recommend the best restaurants, especially those that carry fine wine selections. Feel free to ask for their advice on places to eat, as well as fun things to see and do.

Wine tours and tastings serve as only part of the total experience of visiting the region. When coming to the Temecula Valley region in particular or Southern California in general, remember to make some time to enjoy the wine offered on our famous tasting tours.

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